Fem2pt0: Don’t Give Up On Feminism Yet

Originally published in March 2013 on Fem2pt0. A response to articles by Hanna Rosin and Tracy Moore on Slate and Jezebel. Links are in the article.


Don’t Give Up On Feminism Yet

I feel like a serious debate is beginning, and I have to throw my two cents in. I need to, because I am worried what the consequences could be I stay silent on the subject. Slate recently ran a well-articulated piece by Hanna Rosin called “Marissa Mayer Thinks Feminists Are a Drag. Is She Right?” As suggested by the title it is about the value of the term feminism. Rosin discussed Yahoo’s female CEO Marissa Mayer who has chosen not to call herself a feminist. The implication is that if a woman can be this successful and still make room for equality in her business, she doesn’t have to call herself a feminist and there’s nothing wrong with that. Rosin points out that many young women are reluctant to call themselves feminists as well, so perhaps there is a trend there.

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Fem2pt0: 20-Somethings in the Era of Girls

Originally published March 2013 on Fem2pt0.


20-Somethings in the Era of Girls

Lena Dunham is not the voice of my generation. Girls is not all-encompassing. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the show and I’ll watch anything Dunham does in the future. But that doesn’t mean it is an infallible guide to being or understanding a 20-something woman. Here’s what it does get right. Each episode, especially in the second season, offers a brilliant moment of clarity where the characters realize they are lost. Whether they have the job or not, the boyfriend or not, they have yet to figure out who they are and what they want. I know this isn’t exclusive to 20-somethings. Anyone can experience that feeling of drifting at any age, at any point in history. But as a 20-something I can tell you there’s an immense pressure to do something and be someone, but this expectation that we’re too young to really know. It’s a confusing dichotomy, and lately I find myself caught up in it.

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