ON HIATUS: Won’t be posting anything new for a while, and I’ll also be temporarily taking down a lot of the content of this blog.

I’m an Alberta-based writer with aspirations of getting paid. Recent graduate with a BA in English with Creative Writing and a History minor. I write poetry, prose, and  articles. Currently on a public writing/publication hiatus while I focus self-care.

Intersectional feminist with bipolar disorder. Bisexual. Mixed race Canadian. Agnostic witch. My areas of interest include horror, pop culture, history, makeup, literature, hip hop, psychology, and social justice issues.

DISCLAIMER: My feministy views come from my own bad ass brain, and reflect me and only me.

Twitter: @AthenaGenevieve

Instagram: AthenaGenevieve

One thought on “Athena

  1. Hi, I just happened across your blog – it caught my attention because my name is also Athena! I love your piercings and tattoo, I have several myself. I also love Hannibal! 🙂 Anyway have a great day. Always nice to make (random) connections haha.

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